Fallout Shelter Now on Steam with New Updates

And it's also still free.

Fallout Shelter is a mobile game released by Bethesda in anticipation of Fallout 4 before it debuted in 2015.  With 75 million players worldwide, the award-winning mobile game puts you in the seat of the Overseer of a vault where you must keep your vault dwellers safe. Today, this ant farm simulator is available on PC and can now be downloaded on Steam for free.

Players can now manage their vaults from the comfort of a big screen, earning Steam achievements, and even utilizing the save feature on the Steam Cloud, allowing them to pick up their progress on a different PC if need be.

Fallout Shelter Now on Steam with New Updates

There are also new updates to go along with the PC release of Fallout Shelter that can also be found on the mobile version. 30 new quests along with a limited time Easter Quest that rewards you with a legendary pet and a free lunchbox.

Fallout Shelter can be downloaded on Steam today right here.

[Via Bethesda]