Fallout: New Vegas Designer Releases New Mod

It seems no one is officially working on Fallout: New Vegas anymore, but to the unofficial world, modders are doing everything they can to change up the game as they see fit. Among those modders is Fallout: New Vega's original lead designer J.E. Sawyer and he recently released his modification to the public.

Instead of releasing the mod as an official patch for the PC, Sawyer decided to release as an optional mod to players due to the significant changes in his new release. The new optional patch changes quite a few gameplay aspects including reducing the max level to 35, reducing food and water drops, halving experience point gains, reducing the base carry weight from 150 to 50 along with a number of other things to guarantee a harder life in New Vegas.

If you'd like more information on Sawyer's new mod, take a look at his Formspring where he explains all the aspects changed in his new, optional patch.