Fallen Earth, GameZone and VGChartz Present Slots Night!

April 15, 2010

Fallen Earth, GameZone and
VGChartz Present “Slots Night!”

A full night of in-game food,
drink, prizes and chips!

The Fallen Earth team has partnered
with GameZone and VGChartz to present “Slots Night,” a fun-filled night of
gambling and entertainment!

To kick-off the event, Fallen Earth
is providing GameZone with 2,000 free product keys for full game access and VIP
entrance to Slots Night. The first 50 players to grab a product key, create an
account and choose a subscription plan will also receive an in-game bonus of
chips for a little extra gambling fun!

Slots Night starts at 7 p.m. EDT
(GMT -4) on Friday, April 30 and runs through 1 a.m. EDT (GMT -4) Saturday, May
1, and will be held at Embry Crossroads (waypoint 4241542 3232776).

So what are you waiting for?! All
Fallen Earth players are welcome to join in during Slots Night for an evening of
drinking and massively irresponsible amounts of gambling. Party-goers will
receive some drinks, party trinkets and of course a buff for hanging out in the

Additionally, GameZone is recruiting
for their clan—the Zone Warriors! GameZone staff will be hosting several in-game
meet-ups prior to slots night, scheduled April 16 and 23. Check out the GameZone
Fallen Earth site for more info:


We look forward to gambling the
night away with you!