Fall Out Boy is coming out with their own Flappy Bird game

Pop-punk band Fall Out Boy — singers of songs like Sugar, We're Going Down and Light Em Up — are looking to capitalize on the popularity of Flappy Bird by coming out with their own version of the highly addictive game — which has officially been removed from iTunes and Google Play.

Fall Out Boy's version is appropriately titled "Fall Out Bird" and though no videos have been release, it appears the gameplay will be near identical except for the fact that you'll be guiding the band member's heads through pipes. 

Fall Out Bird will be coming to the Google Play store and the iTunes App store some time this week (as soon as it's approved). Since Flappy Bird's removal from the digital store fronts we've seen numerous clones attempt to recreate the brutal experience, but all have failed to fill the void in our hearts left from that lovable (extremely frustrating) little bird.

Fall Out Bird

I don't know if Fall Out Bird will be any good, but I'm certainly going to enjoy crashing Pete Wentz' ugly mug straight into a pipe.