Facebook Counterpunches Google in the Mouth with Namco Bandai

“So, it shall be war between us!” Exclaimed the camp from Team Facebook, as millions of voices began to ready their pitchforks and Mafia guns. “We will never surrender!” The upstart multi-billion dollar tycoon Google Games stated as they uphold their defenses as they continued to throw money on the ground, attracting former Facebook mercenaries Zynga and Slide Games. The war was brutal, with both sides bludgeoning each other to death with countless slurs and paper cuts, until it began to escalate into something that even the two sides couldn’t have begun to imagine. Something so big that all of us who decided to remain neutral were beginning to get caught up in the endless fight. Alliances.

Today, it was announced that industry veteran Namco Bandai would be supplying full-scale game content to Facebook, beginning with two titles slated for beta in late August. They are the City of Football and Treasure Abyss. Yah, not exactly Tekken or Tales of Vesperia, but what is?

City of Football is a fantasy soccer game that will make use of official data from the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Liga Espanola and UEFA Champions League to let players play as owners, signing and releasing athletes using a stock market-like system. Treasure Abyss on the other hand is a social role-playing game where players team up to explore dungeons. The game will be updated over time through the introduction of new jobs, dungeons, weapons and other such content.

Although both games were designed originally for the English Facebook market, Namco has plans to bring them to iDevices as well. Both games will be free, with Namco Bandai hoping to generate profits through paid item sales.

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