Facebook Workaround Lets You View Private Photos

Welcome to Facebook Stalker 101. Today, we have for you information on how to view Facebook photos set to private, thanks to forum user ThePoz. who posted a "how to" creep on people's pages.

If you have that special person who doesn't want to friend you yet you still want to see what they have to offer, ThePoz's Facebook workaround takes advantage of Facebook's Report/Block settings to let you view their photos.

We have a step by step guide on how to creep on Facebook.  Be warned, according to the post, "Facebook could take action on your account should this be abused."

This whole process is entirely way too creepy for me to actually write out, so feel free to check out his step by step guide here.

He even goes a step further by offering a FAQ in case the "pics are too small" and you want to make them bigger.

The poster did warn that "about 1/3 of people by default are unable to view Private photos using this method."  I haven't personally tried it because I have a soul (somewhat) and morals.

View the step by step guid on the original forums.