Facebook, in a ‘duh moment,’ links your events / birthdays to a calendar

Whoa, whoa, whoa, so as of July of 2012, eight years since it’s been establish, Facebook now links events and your friends’ birthdays to a calendar.  MOTHER OF GOD.  It just makes so much sense that you can’t help but wonder why this didn’t happen earlier?

Bob Baldwin, Facebook software engineer, explained in a Facebook note, “A couple of us felt there should be a better way for people to see their friends’ birthdays a few days in advance and make plans for the weekend. So we built it.”  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well shit, there it is.  A couple of guys were just sitting around and decided ‘hey, let’s make Facebook better.’  Don’t get me wrong, this change is GREAT.  You just click on your personalized ‘events’ page and you have everything you’ve been invited too and ALL of your friends’ birthdays RIGHT there.  It’s so convenient, like Facebook has become your own day planner / secretary!

You want to accept an invite?  It’s right there.  You want to leave a birthday message?  It’s right there.  YOU NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE THE EVENTS PAGE.  I’m not upset about this upgrade, it’s amazing.  I’m just confused why it took eight years.  Gosh, why can’t FREE services be more accommodating – I’m outraged!

/over dramatic sarcasm