Facebook automatic photo sync is being tested for iOS to create a terrifying convenience

When I first read that the iOS automatic photo sync is now being tested for Facebook, it made me chuckle.  Not because I think it’s a bad idea but because I see it as a hilarious idea.  Will it be useful?  Will I probably use it?  Yes to both.  The reason is funny because I’m predicating, already, how many people are going to ‘accidently’ post private materials they would NEVER post online.  The chaos of this excites me to no end.

If you’re an Android user, you are probably thinking to yourself “didn’t this already happen?” For you, yes, yes it did.  The basics of this concept is that you’ll be able to upload photos automatically to Facebook via cloud that you take with your iOS device; as in you don’t need to do s@#$ and boom – they are there for ALL your friends to see.  This is super useful and super frightening. 

There will be failsafe measure and privacy doohickeys they you’ll be able to prevent madness from occurring, but I foresee it taking some time for people to get a clue about this.  The real crime here is that if your photos are going straight to Facebook… how will you Instagram them?  Gasp! 

Some men just want to watch the world burn.


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