Extended Mass Effect 3 ‘Take Back Earth’ trailer

This Mass Effect 3 ‘Take Back Earth’ has reached its final form.  Last week we got the teaser for ME3 which showed a Reaper descending on the girl in the Sunflower field.  The ‘full’ trailer debuted during Sunday’s AMC The Walking Dead.  This trailer featured the fall of earth by the Reapers and their Husks.  Shepard, Ashley, and a whole bunch of soldiers return to fight off the Husks to retake Earth.

Now just today, BioWare released an extended version to this ‘Take back Earth’ trailer.  In this version of the trailer, we see the sniper from the original Mass Effect 3 teaser trailer in London.  He is still alive taking pop-shots at Husks in attempt to save fleeing humans.  A spot light falls upon his location and his fate is unknown. 

This version of the trailer also shows a human’s transformation into a Husk, which is quite disturbing and unsettling.  Also at the beginning our little blond girl in pigtails is shown more.  She chases a bug around with her toy – up until the Reapers come. 

Check out the extended ‘Take Back Earth’ trailer below and prepare to take Earth back March 6th.  If you haven’t downloaded the demo yet, get on it.