Explore the island of Proteus on PS3 and Vita

Proteus, the game where you explore a magical island, is coming to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita this fall. It will be a Cross-Buy title, which means you only need to purchase one copy to access both versions.

The PC game by Ed Key and David Kanaga won a number of awards, including Best Audio at Indiecade 2011 and "Most Amazing Game" at Amaze 2012.

Proteus has no story or characters — you simply wash up on an island and explore it from a first-person view. Objects or animals produce different, merging sounds, and sometimes you'll even find the pixelated landscape around you changing.

It's a relaxing and delightful experience — think something like Thatgamecompany's Flower — but it's also inspired discussion over what constitutes a game. Proteus involves no real challenge, and players don't win or lose.

I'm not surprised to see Proteus migrate to these platforms considering Sony's new wider embrace of indie games.


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