Experience Wild West Panache with Three Rings Bang! Howdy

August 1, 2006

Experience Wild West Panache with Three Rings’
Bang! Howdy

Get ready to head into an old-fashioned
western battle in style as Three Rings gears up their new real-time and
turn-based MMO with a bonanza of unique avatar equipment

With themed gameplay areas, “Bang! Howdy” is an
online game that combines tactical strategy with a Wild West flair. Cowboys and
cowgirls on the dodge must avoid buffalo stampedes and speeding trains as they
rustle up extra scrip and accomplish scenario goals across the frontier. “Bang!
Howdy” increases the depth of character customization with several outfits to
complement any play style. From rugged ponchos, colorful face paint and even
full war bonnet regalia, "Bang! Howdy" rounds up the best styles of the Wild

Bang! Howdy PC screenshots
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More information about “Bang! Howdy” is available
at: www.banghowdy.com.