Expect the latest Starbound patch to release this weekend

The massive Starbound patch is expected to release some time this weekend, according to developer Chucklefish. First talked about last week, the huge Starbound patch — which will add two new game modes (including Permadeath) — was expected to release this week. However, it appears the studio will need a bit more time for some last minute tweaks.

"Patch is more or less done but it's such a huge change to fundamental engine features [we're] doing some internal testing before release," explained game designer  Finn "Tiy" Brice.

"Like @Tiyuri said— the patch has ended up being really huge in the way of engine changes and we need to make sure it doesn't contain big new problems," the official Starbound Twitter added. "We'd anticipated it being ready for you guys sooner, but we need to take the time to do more testing."

"That said, look for the patch this weekend. Sorry, guys! It'll be worth it, though."

In addition to the two new game modes, the patch offers a bunch of fixes, new weapons (revolvers, pulse rifles, shivs), more decorative hats, and tons more. This will also be the last time that characters and ships will be wiped.