Exclusive Screenshots for Vendetta Online

Screenshots for Vendetta Online


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for Vendetta Online.


Screen Shot for Vendetta


About Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online combines fast-paced, real-time “twitch” based flight and combat
model with the RPG gameplay in a colossal online galaxy. The forward progression
of the detailed storyline allows for great plot variation contingent on the
actions you take. The vast number of choices to be made in Vendetta Online makes
playing a truly unique experience.


In the
Vendetta universe, open ended, skill and faction based character systems allow
you to control the direction of persona development, permitting great
variability of your role. Depending on your behavior and play style you have the
ability to develop your character into a military pilot, explorer, merchant,
mercenary, pirate and more. With highly customizable ships, you can decide to
join guilds and fly group missions against player and non-player opponents or
take part in large scale space battles between nations. However you choose to
play, the fully real-time combat system brings an intense, immersive feel to
interstellar warfare.


Vendetta Online will be available November 1st,
2004 at all major retailers for $29.99USD and is rated TEEN/Fantasy Violence by
ESRB. To find out more about Vendetta Online, please visit