Exclusive new trailer for Activision’s ‘The Walking Dead’ to be revealed at Comic-Con

Activision's recently announced first-person action game The Walking Dead will get a new trailer at Comic-Con this week. The company will be holding exclusive screenings for the new trailer, but didn't say what it will show off. The teaser didn't show too much, so hopefully we get to see some gameplay footage in this new trailer.

The Walking Dead by Activision, not to be confused with Telltale's episodic adventure version, is a "do-whatever-you-need-to-survive" game based on AMC's hit TV series which, in turn, is based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series.

Players will assume the role of Daryl Dixon, the crossbow-wielding badass, and play alongside his overbearing brother Merle as they traverse on their "haunting, unforgiving quest to get to the supposed safety of Atlanta."

From what we've already seen and heard of the game, resources in The Walking Dead video game are scarce and scattered. You will need to not only ration supplies, but consider your food, medical needs, ammunition, and other survival items. It's not going to be a simple run and gun, hack and slash, but at true test of survival. Along the way, you will encounter other characters and can choose to help them or hurt them.

The Walking Dead video game is set to release in 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.