Excited for the Sonic Fan Film?

Word about a Sonic fan film had been spread previously, but now we have a trailer to tease us even more. There’s nothing in the way of major plot details, though it is revealed that Eggman is up to his usual tomfoolery. It’s a Sonic-themed project—could you really expect anything else from the story?

The trailer begins by telling you many of Sonic’s different nicknames (such as the “blue blur”). A lush green locale is then shown, and a golden ring appears on the screen. That’s when a furry CG Sonic pops up, talking about Eggman and preparing to take action against the evil doctor.

The short film is expected to run for a total of 20 minutes, and it will combine live-action work with CG visuals. Makes sense, considering someone dressed in a Sonic outfit would probably be silly. Then again, it worked for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and those movies were jam-packed with pure win.

But probably the single most impressive factoid about this fan film (and its trailer) is Sonic’s voice. Remember that lanky, nerdy character we all loved in Family Matters? That’s right—Urkel is once again doing voice work for Sonic the Hedgehog. That’s beyond awesome.