Evolve: Four new hunters revealed

Four new hunters in Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve have been revealed, each offering a different spin on the already established classes in the 4-on-1 multiplayer shooter. Joining the already-revealed Markov, Griffin, Val, and Hank are another deadly foursome: Hyde, Maggie, Lazarus, and Bucket, all of which have been detailed on Xbox Wire.

Maggie, like Griffin, is a Trapper. She packs a Machine Pistol and Harpoon Traps, and can also deploy Mobile Arenas. Mobile Arenas are cage-like domes that can temporarily enclose the target in a small space, allowing your team to shoot away at it. Maggie's best asset on the battlefield, however, is a companion named Daisy. This "big aggressive hyena" — technically called a "Trapjaw" — acts as a fifth member of the team, capable of sniffing out the target and reviving teammates.

Hyde is an Assault, carrying a mini-gun and a flamethrower as a secondary weapon. The flamethrower is the game's shortest ranged, but most powerful weapon," according to Turtle Rock co-founder Chris Ashton. Hyde can also utilize his unique ability, Toxic Grenades, as well as his class-based Personal Shield.

Lazarus may be a sniper rifle-wielding medic, but he offers more than just bandages to heal teammates. While he still has the Healing Burst class ability, his Lazarus Device "literally allows the dead to rise." The Lazarus Device "can quickly turn the tables on a monster who thinks it’s transformed the map into a graveyard." Lastly, Lazarus also has a Personal Cloak.

Rounding out the new foursome is Bucket, the only nonhuman hunter to be revealed so far. Bucket is a support class who wields a Guided Missile Launcher and Sentry Guns. He also has a silent UAV ability in which he can remove his head and control it like a drone to find and track the target. The downside is that while decapitated, Bucket is extremely vulnerable, so I'd recommend activating his Cloaking Ability or making sure at least one hunter sticks near him. 

Earlier today, publisher 2K announced that Evolve will be released worldwide on October 21, 2014, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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