Everything you need to know about Brave Frontier in July

A certain fact has to be absolutely accepted, Brave Frontier is going places. I know what you’re thinking, how can this free to play phone game be any different than the handful of similar titles? The answer is simple – it’s just unique enough and breaking away even further with every patch. Just from personal experience, I’ve been playing this game for a few months now and it is night and day now from when I first started. Just what does July have in store? Let’s look.

As we’ve seen thus far, a whole new slew of ten six star evolutions have become available. We’re talking characters like Elimo, Dean, Leore, Edea, Loch, Lancia (cooking mama), Lorand, Elulu, Aem, and Lemia. How many of these characters have you just been sitting on? How many have you already made six star? The biggest tragedy here is your Zel reserve.  

For those who are savvy enough to have capture Karl, the challenge has been further advanced. Now you can take on the powerful Grahdens’ Challenge Dungeon. This second trial is only opened up AFTER you defeat Karl. Don’t you fret, Karl’s dungeon didn’t go anywhere, you can still take him on if you need to. Grahdens is no joke though, only the most skilled Brave Fronteir players will be able to defeat him. Who better to get on your team though?


If you recall during the 4th of July, a special 40 energy Super Metal Parade opened up. This dungeon took those lower level jewel ghosts and tossed them to the curb. We’re only talking serious gods and crystals gods here. While exact dates have yet to be revealed, Gumi has said there are more to come in this month. Keep watch for these treats and save a metal key!

Did you capture both Xenon and Princess Estia like I warned you to? If so, the final chapter of the Unholy Tower will become available. Here you can aid Xenon in finishing his journey of duty and love once and for all. Can you break the curse or will the vile witch win the day? The official start day of this event has yet to be stated.

So far we’ve seen Faron (fire), Signes (water), and Sodis (light), but what of the other three in the back? The next three characters to come out will be Lurie (earth), Lina (thunder), and Lunaris (dark). While Lurie blocks all lightning attacks by 15%, Lina and Lunaris boost attack power of their element by 50%. Keep an eye out for their improved drop rate release soon.


On top of all that, a new Frontier event will be opening later this month. That’s right, Frontier Hunter Season 4 will be taking place this month. Follow Sera into the depths of point generating and rank gathering. Move your total tier up and collect some goodies along the way. Grind, grind, grind, away!

Lastly, let’s talk about the Ryvern Map update. In the Agni Region, players will be able to take on the lands of Ryvern. There will be brand new monsters and challenges dive into. Regions include Glomore Hollow, Snow Area Khelne, Stokhelna Forest, Azura Ruins, Ryvern Mountains, The Abyss Cave, and the White Tower.

If ALL of this is coming out in July, it makes you wonder what other directions Brave Frontier will go in. Just what will August hold?

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