Everything we know about Square Enix’s new RPG Project Setsuna

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The Square Enix E3 event covered all of the major subjects, they revealed Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay, they showed off  Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness for North America and Europe, they had Avalanche come out to reveal more on Just Cause 3 and they announced a brand new game, along with a brand new studio.

Square Enix President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda took to their E3 2015 press conference stage to wrap-up the event and to reveal the latest project that Square Enix is working on. In order to continue working on new RPG's for their fans Square Enix has founded a new studio titled Tokyo RPG Factory.

The first project that Tokyo RPG Factory is working on has no formal name, but has been codenamed Project Setsuna. The game is currently in development and is set to release in 2016 for consoles, no gameplay was revealed for the project — only concept art.

Project Setsuna Square Enix

Matsuda described the game's environment as both "whimsical" and "delicate," which is where the codename "Setsuna" is founded.

Setsuna translates to "a moment; an instant" from Japanese and is founded in the Chinese Buddhist term that means "split second." In Buddhism Setsuna is "when an enlightened being snips his fingers and all things fall into place; when a rope woven of uncountable hairs is cut by the sword of a powerful being and only one hair is really cut into two parts."

Check out the art in the video above.