Everything still wants to kill you in Dark Souls 3

What a relief!

After Dark Souls 3 was officially revealed at E3 2015 a couple things were made clear, first and foremost Hidetaka Miyazaki was returning to his role as director for the game (he directed Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne) and it definitely isn't the last game in the Souls series.

Miyazaki has revealed another tidbit of the game, that shows Dark Souls 3 will take after its predecessors in the best way: “Everything is designed to kill you,” he says. 

The Souls games have always been about the sense of accomplishment, that's why they are so difficult. With so many games to draw from, Dark Souls 3 has refined the features that make the series so enticing. “The basic gameplay elements, the sense of accomplishment experienced by overcoming difficulty, or the unique online features that allow players to loosely connect with other players, are still in the game," Miyazaki revealed to VG 24/7. "But we’ve now evolved and deepened those basic gameplay elements.”

Dark Souls 3

Each level will be strategically designed to end the life of your character, but the toughest situations will have reasonable solutions thanks to game improvements. “The level design, as well as the enemy placements, everything has been arranged to kill you,” Miyazaki explained. “But you can actually use those to your advantage as well.”

“The player character moves faster than the previous two installments and can be controlled more intuitively,” said Miyazaki. “There are a lot of tough situations waiting for players but at the same time we’re offering reasonable solutions, [such as] this faster moving character control system.”

Your character isn't the only thing that will be seeing improvements, weapons will have a broader range of options. “We will be deepening the features attached to each weapon. That will widen the range of the tactical options that the player has during a battle and the role-playing elements of the game.”

Dark Souls 3 is due to release in early 2016. 

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