Every Xbox One S has Master Chief inside of it

Guess the Chief does make it onto every Xbox console...

Now that the Xbox One S has been released and we have put a number on how much more efficient it is than the original Xbox One, it's time we look inside of the new 4K machine. YouTuber Austin Evans deconstructed the Xbox One S and revealed a pretty cool easter egg.

If there's one thing that the deconstruction revealed, other than the presence of Master Chief, it's that the Xbox One S has a pretty nice set up inside. It looks like Microsoft went through quite a bit of effort to make the innards of the Xbox One S look pretty darn nice. 


It interesting that Microsoft decided to include an etching of Master Chief in a place that most people would never look. What isn't mentioned in the video is that there is an etching on the outside portion of the Xbox One S that reads "Hello from Seattle," something that can also be found in the battery panel of the controller. 



[Images from IFixIt]