EverQuest: Seeds of Destruction Open Beta Starts

August 20, 2008

Seeds of Destruction Open Beta Starts

Open beta for EverQuest’s 15th expansion Seeds of
Destruction begins today!

Players can sign up to participate at two places:

EQ Players:


EQ Live Forums:


Open beta is anticipated to last until Tuesday,
Oct 7, and Seeds of Destruction is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, Oct 21.

About EverQuest Seeds of Destruction

To prevent a cataclysm and defeat the forces of
chaos, players must journey through time portals to the greatest moments in
EverQuest’s past. From the founding of Qeynos to the battle of Bloody Kithicor,
players will be called upon to safeguard the history of Norrath. EverQuest Seeds
of Destruction also introduces the brand-new mercenary feature, giving players
the opportunity to hire non-player characters (NPCs) to aid them in their heroic
endeavors. These mercenaries will be valuable player assets as they thwart the
efforts of Discord’s Dark God. EverQuest Seeds of Destruction also includes a
level cap increase to 85, new dynamic high-level raid content, new spells and
new alternate advancement abilities.

Check out
www.everquest.com for
more information!