EverQuest II Ships to North American Retail Stores


A New Adventure Begins With More
Than 100,000 Players Expected In-Game by the Weekend-

SAN DIEGO, CA – November 8, 2004 –
Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a worldwide leader in massively
multiplayer online (MMO) gaming, today announced that EverQuest II has shipped
to North American retail stores. EverQuest II is the highly-anticipated
follow-up to Sony Online Entertainment’s EverQuest, the most successful and
longest-running 3D MMO role-playing game in North America. More than 100,000
people have already pre-ordered EverQuest II in hopes of being among the first
to experience this massive gaming phenomenon. The CD and DVD versions of the
game carry an SRP of $49.99 and include the game, an in-game item and an
exclusive in-box item. Limited quantities of the EverQuest II Collector’s
Edition (DVD) are available at an SRP of $89.99.

“Today is a proud day as we open our
new online world to people around the globe,” said John Smedley, president, Sony
Online Entertainment. “Over the past five years, we’ve worked hard to ensure
EverQuest II is fun, and meaningful to our players. We’ve spared no expense and
we’re confident players will agree that EverQuest II is an amazing interactive
online gaming experience.”

Sony Online Entertainment is
delivering a truly groundbreaking MMO game in EverQuest II with pioneering
firsts in advanced 3D graphics, storyline, voiceover, production values, and
gameplay. EverQuest II features the most realistic graphics of any MMO game ever
created, with a next-generation 3D graphics engine designed to keep pace with
hardware developed over the next few years. Players can hear more than 70,000
lines of spoken dialogue in EverQuest II as non-player characters are given
voiceover for the first time ever in an MMO game, bringing the story of
EverQuest II to life. EverQuest II also features gameplay innovations that make
EverQuest II fun and exciting for all types of players and play styles, from
hardcore gamers, to new MMO players, to those who play in groups, and solo

EverQuest II comes in three retail
versions, all of which include a 30-day subscription (excluding SOE Station
Access subscriptions) to the game’s online world. The Collector’s Edition
includes a number of in-game items, an exclusive art book, bonus DVD with
trailers, gameplay videos and behind-the-scenes footage, a soundtrack CD, a
collector’s coin with a velvet pouch, a cloth map of Norrath, and two posters.
Pre-order numbers have been so high that very few copies of the Collector’s
Edition will be available at launch.

EverQuest II carries a monthly
subscription fee of $14.99 for continuing access to the game world. Players can
subscribe using a credit card, or purchase 30-day and 90-day SOE Game Cards,
which open the new world of Norrath to those who choose not to use a credit
card. Additonally, EverQuest II is included as part of the Station Access
subscription, which includes all SOE-published games, for only $21.99 per month.
Titles included as part of the Station Access subscription include: EverQuest,
PlanetSide, EverQuest Online Adventures, Infantry Online, Tanarus, Cosmic Rift,
and EverQuest II (all game software sold separately).

NVIDIA is the preferred graphics
card provider for EverQuest II, helping to deliver the dramatic visual impact of
the game’s advanced 3D engine. EverQuest II runs great on computers using the
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology.

About EverQuest II

EverQuest II is the next generation
of massively multiplayer gaming, a huge online world where thousands of players
come together for adventure and community. Featuring breathtaking graphics and a
vast, beautiful game world to explore, as well as voices for almost all
non-player characters, EverQuest II sets new standards in gameplay and
immersion. EverQuest II brings players into its world with a powerful epic
storyline and gives them the power to be the hero or villain in their personal
adventure. Players enter this world by creating their own unique character,
choosing from 16 races and 24 classes. Players will encounter hundreds of
creatures as they travel across majestic landscapes of rolling hills, barren
deserts, dense forests, and bustling cities. Thousands of items, hundreds of
spells, and unlimited adventure await all who enter the world of EverQuest II.
EverQuest II also features:

  • A new, massive online world for
    thousands of players to explore, filled with danger, adventure and mystery

  • Voices for most non-player
    characters (NPCs) in the game, a huge project encompassing more than 70,000
    lines and 130 hours of dialog

  • Unparalleled character
    customization capabilities. In addition to thousands of armor, weapons and
    items users can equip, players will be able to customize their character’s
    facial appearance to an incredible level of detail and personalization

  • 16 races, dozens of levels and 24
    classes with a branching system that allows players to choose their class as
    they advance

  • Player-owned real estate (such as
    apartments, homes, and guild houses)

  • No race/class combination
    limitations, allowing players to truly choose who they want to be in game

  • New user friendly game mechanics
    with reduced learning curve for both new and seasoned players

  • More than 160 unique creature
    types, from Orcs and Goblins to huge dragons and menacing Living Statues

  • Incentives for current EverQuest

  • A state-of-the-art, cinematic
    quality 3D graphics engine capable of improving as hardware technology

  • State-of-the art combat, spell and
    skill systems

  • Trade skills available to all
    player classes

About Sony Online Entertainment

Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE),
a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Digital Inc., is a recognized worldwide leader in
massively multiplayer online games, with a subscriber base of over 750,000
active accounts around the globe. SOE creates, develops and provides compelling
entertainment for the personal computer, online, game console and wireless
markets. Known for its blockbuster franchises, EverQuest® and PlanetSide®, as
well as for developing Star Wars Galaxies™: An Empire Divided™, SOE continues to
redefine the business of online gaming and the creation of active player
communities while introducing new genres on various entertainment platforms.
Headquartered in San Diego, CA, with an additional development studio in Austin,
TX, SOE has an array of cutting-edge online games in development.

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