EverQuest Celebrates 11th Anniversary with 11 Days of In-Game Events

March 16, 2010

Celebrates 11th Anniversary with 11 Days of In-Game Events

Sony Online Entertainment’s
genre-defining franchise EverQuest celebrates its 11th Anniversary beginning
today. Players are invited to join SOE and participate in 11 days of special
in-game events, check out a timeline of memories released through wallpapers on
Facebook, and save 25-50% on 11 selected Marketplace items.

Finally, fans are invited to join
the EverQuest team for an exclusive USTREAM event on March 17, 2010 at 1:00pm

To stay up-to-date with all the 11th
anniversary events visit the
11th Anniversary Page


Gifts of Steel Group Event
Groups must help an overworked apprentice find the perfect gift for his
demanding mentor. Karl Kranigan has mentored many gnome wizards in his long
career as a builder of great war machines. Now these apprentices wish to honor
him with a gift. Seek out the one that is closest to your own skill level and
help them find the ingredients to make their gift.

Stealing My Life Back Mission
Not all of Karl’s apprentices were pleased with the results of their time
spent with the master. One in particular has a strange, sad tale to tell. A
story of failure and disappointment that ends with poor Miggles Mistflinger
living an unhappy life of worry and fear. Gather a group of allies and find
Miggles. Help him regain control of his life.

Steel Behemoths Raid
Karl Kranigan is a Dwarven master of metals. He has worked with a series of
apprentices over many years to perfect his terrible war behemoths. Each has been
more terrifying than the last. Karl has finally decided to test his
monstrosities. It’s time for you to gather all of your friends and show this
master smith that flesh and skill are greater than steel and grease.

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