EverQuest is celebrating its 15th birthday!

It's almost hard to believe that EverQuest is not only 15 years old today, but also that it's still actually live and kicking still today. In the video above, you can see players and fans who were there right from the beginning, and even many who have eventually found each other in real life, forged friendships and even got married and had children. All of this because of one, giant online title. Impressive right?

It's sort of tough to imagine the world the way it was back in 1999. The team at SOE made it easy for us with this neat little infographic. It really puts things in prespective, when for example the world was worrying about Y2K, the main search engine was Alta Vista and the top hit was 'Believe' from Cher. 

Make sure to click on the image to see the full size.

EverQuest Infographic

You better believe that SOE has some big plans for its 15th anniversary too, with a lot of new content and events in EverQuest, giving even more reasons for players, both old and new to jump in and experience the magic.

Starting out in EQ now might seem pretty daunting right? SOE has you covered. From now until March 26th, players can log in and create a Heroic Character right at level 85 for free, allowing them to experience the new content right from the beginning. Heroic Characters come with good equipment, a Raptor Mount, two large bags, and thousands of AAs that are appropriate for a level 85 character.

Players can also start two completely new race/class combinations, one being the Froglok Monk and the other being the Wood Elf Beastlord. These two combinations were never before available. Also, starting today and running until March 16th is the Bonus XP Weekend. 

There are even more events finishing off March and April and you can check all of them out here.

Happy Birthday EverQuest!