Even More Info on The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac is nearing its September launch, and developer Edmund McMillen is hard at work finishing the game and making some necessary fixes. So far, it looks to provide an interesting roguelike/shooter experience worth watching out for. In an interview with Ctrl-2-Crouch, the outspoken dev gave more insight on his upcoming project.

According to McMillen, The Binding of Isaac may or may not appeal to all Super Meat Boy fans given how vastly different it is from a gameplay standpoint. “I have no idea if SMB fans will like Isaac, but I really like it and believe it has something to offer that most games out there don’t,” stated the developer. “If my rep gets more people to check out the game then that’s awesome, but honestly I’m not doing this to make a shitload of cash or anything (hence why it’s five bucks). I just wanted to make something cool and fresh to get my feet back in the water before the next Team Meat game.”

McMillen also went on to say that he had no intentions of making The Binding of Isaac a massive game in terms of content. That said, the game quickly blew up, and he eventually found himself adding a lot more than he had originally planned. Hey, that’s great news for those of us who plan on downloading the game when it launches, so no complaints here. Additionally, McMillen stated that he hopes to add achievements to the game, though he’s not 100 percent sure if he’ll be able to.

To find out more about The Binding of Isaac, be sure to check out the full interview. Also, follow Edmund McMillen on Twitter to get the latest scoop on the game, and to read his tweets as he reaches completion of the game. The Binding of Isaac will hit Steam next month.