Even more multiplayer modes revealed for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is easily one of the most anticipated 3DS titles for 2013, so it's no surprise that the game was used to kick off today's Nintendo Direct. During the presentation, Nintendo touched on several additional multiplayer modes that will coincide with the previously revealed Hunter Mode.

Multiplayer in Dark Moon will support up to four players as they play cooperatively to climb up the ScareScraper tower. In addition to local wireless and download play, Dark Moon will support online play. All players will take on the character of Luigi and progress through a giant tower.

One of the modes includes the already-announced Hunter Mode which has players work together to capture all of the ghosts on each floor. If you prefer timed trials, you can play the Rush mode where you must escape the floor in the allotted time. The last mode is Polterpup and as the title suggests, you'll need to cooperatively search for and catch all of the Polterpup ghosts hidden in the tower.