Evangelion jumps in bed with Puzzle & Dragons to speak to my nostalgic soul

What could be better than Evangelion and Puzzle & Dragons? The answer is clearly a combination of both powerful things! GunHo Online Entertainment announced that they will be collaborating with the Rebuild of Evangelion. What this means is Puzzle & Dragons with Eva themes… I’m not really sure how something could speak more to me than that.

You’ll enter a world with Evangelion themed dungeons where you fight Angels. There is a chance of getting a rare egg drop that will look like EVA unit 0-1. These eggs could include characters such as Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Mari, and Kaworu alongside their EVA units. Don't fret; Misato is included as well, but with the AAA Wunder flying battleship seen in 3.33. Attacks and powers will be EVA-themed, so you'll be running the full gamut.

This merge will occur on February 24th in Japan and then sometime in March for North American and European players. Fly me to the moon.