Europe’s PS Plus games for June to be announced tomorrow

With today's free release of Limbo for Vita closing out May's PS Plus offerings, it's time we look ahead to June. Sony hasn't yet revealed what our free PlayStation Plus games will be, but PlayStation Germany has confirmed they will be announced very soon for at least the EU region. 

"The contents of [PlayStation Plus] in June will be announced tomorrow," PlayStation Germany said in response to a fan.

Though tomorrow's announcement won't necessarily reflect the same offers here in America, there is usually some sort of overlap in between titles offered here and across the sea. For example, in May, PS Plus members in Europe and the U.S. all received Stick it to the Man for free on PS4. Both markets also received Puppeteer for free, though the other PS3 titles differed slightly. As always, we'll be sure to let you know what June's free PS Plus games will be once it is announced.