Eufloria headed to iPad

You may have first heard of Eufloria a few months ago. The calming strategy game was released in October on the PlayStation Network, and it certainly had a lot of promise. Overall, critical reaction to the game was mixed. Some people really liked it, while others felt it had all the potential to be great but ultimately fell short of expectations. GameZone's own Robert Workman gave Eufloria a 5 / 10 score in his review.

It seems developer Omni Systems is looking to breathe new life into this aesthetically pleasing indie title. An iPad version of the game titled Eufloria HD is currently slated to release next month. An exact date has yet to be announced by the studio.

Eufloria HD will feature all of the content of the PlayStation Network version of the game. iPad owners can expect touchscreen features exclusive to the device. Still no word on how much the game will cost, but we can expect Omni Systems to reveal that information closer to launch.

I've been meaning to check out Eufloria, even despite the mixed reaction it's gotten. Be sure to check out the trailer of the game on YouTube to see if this one's for you. If it is, watch out for Eufloria HD in February, iPad gamers.