Eufloria HD on Vita is faster, smoother — and almost here

Eufloria HD is coming to the PlayStation Vita on Dec. 17 with new features and improved performance.

Rudolf Kremers, one of the original developers of the pretty 2D real-time strategy game, which launched for PC in 2009 and then came to PlayStation Network in 2011 (and to mobile one year later), announced the December release date in a post on the PlayStation Blog today. Titanium Studios handled the port, just as it did the Blackberry version.

This version differs from past iterations in that the frame rate is higher: 60 fps ("in almost all circumstances") versus the usual 30, thanks to the Vita's hardware capabilities.

"Not only does this performance increase make the levels much smoother, it makes the controls super responsive. More so than I anticipated," wrote Kremers.

"Panning and zooming is insanely crisp, and when you speed the game up (a nice feature anyway), you don’t lose any control at all. The screen is sensitive enough to deal with the responsiveness, but not so sensitive that it becomes fiddly."

Kremers also said the "super-high pixel density" of the Vita's screen has sharpened the visuals while maintaining their hazy, zen-like quality.

"You can easily see the small details on the game’s inhabitants, enhancing Eufloria’s readability. I like this a lot," he wrote.