Eternal Eden Now Available for the PC

December 18, 2008

Eternal Eden Now Available for
the PC

Blossomsoft announced today that Eternal Eden is officially released
and available to the public via Internet download. Eternal Eden is a high
quality old-school JRPG, featuring a strong cast of characters, an original
storyline, and intuitive game play, which appeals to new players of the genre
while fans will instantly recognize the mainstays of this old style. Eternal
Eden follows the journey of three children as they try to save their world from
original sin.

Set out on a journey through two parallel worlds, Light and Dark worlds of
Eden, it is possible for players to acquire skills, new weapons and legendary
items. Events in one dimension sometimes have an impact on another.

The various threads of this world of enchantment are weaved together with
rich atmosphere and an unforgettable music score.