February 8, 2007 
Reality Competition Featuring EA’s NBA LIVE
07 to be Televised February 11

ESPN Original Entertainment will present NBA LIVE: BRING IT HOME, a six-episode
reality competition series that will feature the eight best players of NBA LIVE
07, the popular video game from Electronic Arts, competing for a cash prize and
the right to be considered the game’s best player.  The series will be
hosted by columnist Scoop Jackson, with appearances by NBA players
Vince Carter, Carmelo Anthony, Baron Davis, Antawn Jamison, Dwyane Wade, as well
as Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.  NBA LIVE: BRING IT HOME is produced
in conjunction with Roadside Entertainment and will debut Sunday, Feb. 11 at 7
p.m. ET on ESPN and ESPN HD.
During this one-of-a-kind reality competition, each gamer will compete to
advance through the tournament by using home court advantage – the right to play
on their own turf, flanked by family and friends. Once on their own home turf,
the elimination games begin. After these 2nd rounds, the winners face an even
bigger challenge.  Each second-round winner must take on the role of NBA
LIVE coach to an actual NBA player. Their athletes’ success or failure against
another athlete determines home court advantage for the semi-final rounds. When
it’s down to two players, they will compete on the ultimate home court – that of
the 2006 NBA Champion Miami Heat, the American Airlines Arena in Miami.  The
winner will take home $100,000.
“Basketball fans everywhere love NBA LIVE, and we believe offering a competition
of the game’s best players will be just as exciting to those playing at home,”
said Ron Semiao, senior vice president, ESPN Original Entertainment.  “Our
presentation of Madden Nation was a huge success, and we look forward to
continuing our work with EA to bring fans the most comprehensive gaming
experience around.”
In addition to the series, EA Sports’ LIVE 07 offers ESPN Motion and streaming
ESPN radio podcasts delivered right to the console in-game through a new ESPN
integration package available on the Xbox 360™. Fans connected online can watch
NBA game highlights, segments from Pardon the Interruption or Around the Horn,
interviews and analysis from SportsCenter, and more. Fans can also download and
listen to ESPN Radio podcasts as they play NBA LIVE 07, including segments from
Dan Patrick, Mike & Mike, Stephen A. Smith and others.  All this is in
addition to live ESPN Radio SportsCenter updates every 20 minutes, the ESPN
Ticker and ESPNEWS.