‘Episodic noir adventure’ Blues and Bullets coming to PS4 next week

Ironically, not a drop of blue to be seen

Developer A Crowd of Monsters recently announced the fast-approaching PS4 release of Blues and Bullets, an “episodic noire adventure” set to release on Tuesday, April 19.

Blues and Bullets stars Eliot Ness, an ex-gangster trying to eke out an honest living in a fictional 1920s America. After jailing Al Capone, Eliot hunkers down in a diner, but is soon pulled back into the city’s corruption by a serial kidnapper, who he vows to apprehend.

“The first thing you may be asking when you see Blues and Bullets is… where are the colors?” art director Dani Candil said on the PlayStation Blog. “We decided to make an homage to the noir film genre and create a unique atmosphere using only black, white and red. We used the same old illumination techniques that legendary film directors were using in the ‘40s in an attempt to capture [the] classic but intriguing essence of noir.”

Blues and Bullets features several famous mobsters and gangsters, and also sports an appropriately melancholy blues soundtrack created by Sonotrigger and Izä. You can purchase and sample the OST now ahead of the game’s upcoming launch.

A Crowd of Monsters calls Blues and Bullets an episodic game, but has not yet detailed how it will be released or how its content will be broken up. Presumably, April 19 represents the release of the first of several episodes.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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