Epic Would “Love” to Bring Gears to PlayStation

The Gears of War series has appeared exclusively on the Xbox 360 for four years, but that hasn’t deterred Epic’s desire to get the third-person shooter onto PlayStation.

Epic president Mike Capps told InustryGamers it’s a move he’d “love” to do. “Do we wish we could take all those Killzone [players] and Resistance fans on PS3, and get them to say ‘Gears is awesome’? Yeah, sure I’d love to ship the Gears trilogy on PlayStation. That would be fun. I want to be there; I want to be everywhere.”

Will it ever happen? Capps stated that Gears is Epic’s IP, and they can do as they please with it. “We definitely own Gears of War. This is our franchise, our IP.” But there’s not a bad word to be said about Microsoft. “I don’t regret what we’re doing with Microsoft. They make it worthwhile all the time.”

Gears on the PS3 could happen, it seems, but it’s a bit of a stretch considering the age of the series. One could easily assume Microsoft wouldn’t be too pleased if it did happen, though.