Epic VP Brings to Light Android Flaws and “Bloat Ware” Issues

Some people are very tight-lipped when they’re in the spotlight. Trust me, I’m a journalist, I know all too well how annoying it can be. “What is your name?” “I… I can’t tell you that.”

Mark Rein is not one of those people, however. The Epic Games VP is notorious for his seemingly daily quotes. He’s like one of those dolls with a pull string, only more entertaining. Why, just yesterday he said the 3DS was a girly man and couldn’t handle an engine that the iPhone tackles with ease.

Now he’s calling Google out on some perceived Android flaws, primarily revolving around user interface.

“I’m [worried] that every Android phone vendor seems to have a different user interface than the other,” said Rein. “It is unclear whether Google will step in and straighten it out or continue to let it grow out of control. Another problem with Android is the carriers run wild with the OS and are adding all kinds of bloatware and not-so-great custom user interfaces.”

Please note that the story here is not that Mark Rein said something most developers wouldn’t, but that Mark Rein, even when under heavy doses of alcoholic beverages (pretend I’ve just linked to an image from GI Spy), usually has a very good point. Mark Rein!

Source: Develop Online]