ENTER THE FREEMAN is an amazing live action Half-Life short

Granted, I haven’t seen many live action fan made Half-Life shorts, but this one is just so well done.  It’s really a combination of the setting, production value, acting, and well… the one guy looking exactly like Gordon Freeman certainly helps.  What would a Half-Life film be without Head Crabs?  Well they make an appearance here.

This horror short was filmed in just two nights only spending $3000.  The film was shot in s Hollywood cottage.  I say that sounds pretty damn good for the quality of film produced, well done.  The creators said it all started with someone saying, "Hey you would make a great live action Gordon Freeman, let's make a fan film."  That was the all the motivation that was needed.  One year later is was done.   

Check out the film below and if you really enjoyed it, give some love back to the creators on their YouTube page.


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