Enjoy Episode 8 of The Tommy Wi-Show While Eating a Corn Dinner

The Tommy Wi-Show has had an erratic schedule over the past couple of weeks. It's upsetting to me because I look forward to a weekly dose of absurdity. In any case, T.W. is back, and this time he's playing LittleBigPlanet 2.

After complaining for a few minutes about how the alien took him away from his corn dinner–which consists of some corn and two hot dogs–T.W. finally starts playing. Actually, he starts trying to play. But this is The Tommy Wi-Show, so I'm certain you were expecting the game to not be played properly.

It's funny watching T.W. trying to jump over gaps and falling to his death. It's also awesome that he doesn't know where the R1 button is on the PlayStation 3 controller. Also, I really like how he shouts out "Monster!" when his character dies.

But I won't spoil the fun any longer. Be sure to check out the latest episode of The Tommy Wi-Show on YouTube. It's amazing as usual.