Encounter Mystery, Mayhem And Mummies In A Fun New Adventure Game For NDS

August 27, 2008

Encounter Mystery, Mayhem And Mummies In A Fun New Adventure Game For NDS


XIDER Games is to release Ankh:
Curse of the Scarab King on Nintendo DS. Following the success of the popular PC
versions, this fun and colorful adventure will be available to play on DS in
September 2008. Players will need to think outside the box and solve many
puzzles in order to explore new areas in their quest to save the young
adventurer, Assil, from the death curse put on him by an ancient Mummy.

Mischievous Assil steals his
father’s key to get into the Scarab King’s tomb. As he and his friends party
away inside, their search for a bottle opener rudely awakens a Mummy. Unhappy at
being disturbed from his peaceful slumber and unimpressed by the gang breaking
seven of his precious urns, the Mummy casts a lethal curse upon Assil leaving
him with just 24 hours to live. Shocked, Assil stumbles back home where he is
greeted by his unhappy father, who grounds him for a week so he is unable to
escape the house.

The game begins in Assil’s bedroom.
Players must help him escape from captivity without crossing the path of his
angry father. The stylus or the d-pad can be used to direct Assil around his
environment, discovering clues to help solve puzzles and progress through the
quest. The bottom left hand corner of the screen displays four hieroglyphic
symbols that players can select to look, talk, pick up and use items.

Players will need to examine every
bit of their surroundings, as objects that look harmlessly decorative may play a
key role in moving the quest forwards. For instance, by combining two items of
clothing found lying around, a rope is produced sufficient for escaping his room
through the window. Other objects stored in the inventory can be combined with
each other to create new and inventive ways of solving puzzles. There is however
an easy setting to guide players to the key objects so they can progress.

Time is of the essence though, as
Assil must find the Pharaoh, the only person who can save his life, before time
is up!