November 25, 2009


The full version of EMPIRES OF STEEL has just been opened for download today!

If you have pre-ordered a copy, you
have been notified by email earlier this morning that you can download your
files. If you have not pre-ordered, you can now order the full version of the
game for $45. Delivery options include Download Only, Mail Delivery Only, and
Download & Mail Delivery. Hardgoods consisting of a CD will be ready for
shipping within 7-14 days.

If you have the free beta demo, you
will not be able to upgrade your game to the release version (v1.0.196). You
will need to purchase a full version in order to do that.

The release version of the game
comes with countless improvements, bug fixes, new features and a revised
interface that are the result of YOUR excellent community feedback from the free
beta demo! The full game version removes any restrictions on playing maps, using
the editor and other reduced features that were present in the demo. You can
play any map, including randomly generated maps or those created in the
full-featured editor; you can create new rulesets and unitsets to simulate
specific time periods; you can swap mods and files with the built-in community
File Sharing; and you can play multiplayer with up to 10 people using the unique
in-game chat and lobby.

Don’t miss one of the most
innovative global domination strategy games available today!