Empire Interactives Animal Paradise Goes Gold

August 18, 2008

Empire Interactive’s Animal
Paradise Goes Gold

Animal Friends Rejoice As the
Popular Pet Sim for Nintendo DS Nears Release

Empire Interactive, a leading
publisher of interactive entertainment software, today announced that
development on Animal Paradise for Nintendo DS™ has been completed. The
family-friendly handheld videogame release of the season will join kids on their
journey back to school this fall. Shipping to North American retail stores on
September 23, 2008, Animal Paradise has received an ESRB rating of “E” for

After the kids have finished their
first week back at school – and their homework – parents can reward them with
Animal Paradise’s stable of adorably friendly animals to care for and play with
on their DS. Graced with the endearingly comical “big-nose” style of animal
photography, from famed Japanese photographer Yoneo Morita, Animal Paradise
promises to warm hearts and keep children entertained for hours. Under Empire
Interactive’s recent partnership with Atari, Inc., Animal Paradise’s release
will mark the first of four announced titles to be distributed exclusively by
Atari in North America.

“We know players want pet simulation
games with a variety of animals to choose from, and Animal Paradise delivers
just that with loads of adorable animals, engaging gameplay and appeal for
children and animal lovers of all ages,” said Karim Farghaly, vice president of
sales, Empire Interactive. “We think this is a perfect title to kick off our
distribution deal with Atari and another step forward in establishing Empire as
a major player in the US gaming market.”

Animal Paradise takes players to a
virtual farm where they can try their hand at caring for and raising 18
different animals including dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, pigs and more. Pets
will need to be fed, cleaned, walked and played with in order to make sure they
stay fit, healthy and happy. As they progress through the game, players will
unlock new animals to care for and fun-filled mini-games like Treasure Hunting,
Footprint Trail and Shampoo Scrub. Getting to know the animals, learning what
kind of care each one prefers, and building a bond with them will be rewarded by
unlocking exclusive pet photos for your virtual album. No other game this fall
will entertain kids while teaching them how to be responsible caretakers like
Animal Paradise.