Empire Interactive Readies Keyboard for Typing of the Dead




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Interactive readies the keyboard for a fast and furious typing adventure
through The Typing of the Dead!


Francisco, CA (April 23, 2001) – – Take one of the most entertaining light-gun
games of all time; House of the Dead 2, swap the light-gun for a standard PC
keyboard, and start typing! The Typing of the Dead is an addictive fast action
typing game that will keep your fingers surprisingly locked in typing position
for hours! The Typing of the Dead, developed by Sega Corporation, is the
latest PC release from Empire Interactive that will spark keyboards in motion
across North America this summer.


The Typing of the Dead gamers adventure through the story of House of the Dead
2, but instead of firing a light-gun to defeat evil creatures gamers type
words and phrases displayed onscreen in a large box in front of each creature.
As each letter is typed, it will disappear from the box leaving only the
un-typed letters. Make a mistake and the next letter will remain until you hit
the correct key. The faster and more accurate you type, the faster you’ll
defeat the zombies and the higher you’re score will be. If you’re not fast
enough, the zombie gets close enough to take a bite out of you, lowering your
health one bite at a time.


the gameplay modes from House of the Dead 2 are retained; including its story
based "Arcade Mode". An "Original Mode" is available,
where players obtain bonus items dependent on typing accuracy and performance.
The Typing of the Dead offers a "Tutorial Mode" which demonstrates
speed and accuracy tests to perfect individual typing skills. The game
features a "Boss and Drill Mode"; whereas in the "Drill
Mode" typists are tested through a series of typing-dexterity drills that
range from typing through a set number of zombies, a "no mistakes
mode", and an accuracy mode. The "Boss Mode" forces the typist
to challenge a powerful "Boss Character" while being chased through
unique levels. The faster you type the faster you’ll outrun and eventually
defeat the Boss. At the end of each level or if you’ve been defeated by a
killer zombie, a typing rating will appear that details both strengths and
weaknesses in full detail.


Typing of the Dead has an exhaustive word list, which includes short words,
long words, complex words, slogans funny phrases, and a question and answer
word list where gamers are asked questions and must type the right answer or
suffer a thrashing from a zombie. The Typing of the Dead is one of the most
innovative games to date where gamers young and old can enjoy the rush of
defeating evil zombies while improving their typing skills.



5 Gameplay Modes that include Original, Boss, Arcade, Tutorial and Drill 

All 6 Chapters from the Arcade Mode are available 

Based on the best-selling House of the Dead Series 

Full touch-typing tutorial included 

New "Original Mode" previously unavailable in the arcade

5 difficulty settings available for each mode * Detailed option menu, for
vocabulary, sound and visual modifications 

Interactive high-score table


Typing of the Dead will be available on store shelves in North America in June


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