Empire Interactive Announces FlatOut Ultimate Carnage for PC

February 4, 2008

Empire Interactive Announces FlatOut Ultimate
Carnage for PC

PC release of the award-winning franchise
expected June 2008

Empire Interactive announces that the PC-DVD ROM
version of the best selling arcade racer FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is currently
in development and is due for release in June 2008.

The FlatOut series has enjoyed global success on
multiple formats, selling over 2 million copies and winning numerous awards in
the process, with FlatOut 2 being named Xbox ‘Best Racing Game of 2006’. FlatOut
Ultimate Carnage for Xbox 360 was released to critical acclaim in June 2007 and
now award-winning Finnish studio and creators of FlatOut, Bugbear Entertainment,
are currently developing FlatOut Ultimate Carnage for PC.

While simulation racers have traditionally found
their home on PCs, FlatOut Ultimate Carnage blurs the line between arcade and
simulation, offering PC gamers a “Deathproof” experience with carnage gameplay
modes and enhanced graphics to rival the Xbox 360 version. Multiplayer online
provides wheel-to-wheel action as opponents try to fishtail other cars and get
across the finish line in a ‘no holds barred’ extreme driving smash fest.

Ian Higgins, CEO of Empire Interactive commented,
“We are very excited about bringing FlatOut Ultimate Carnage to PC gamers.
Research suggests that arcade racers are becoming ever more popular on the PC,
with the Xbox 360 controller providing the perfect way to enjoy the genre.
Ultimate Carnage is an entirely new prospect for PC and we’re excited to be
bringing FlatOut’s unique gameplay experience to PC gamers everywhere.”

Clive Kabatznik, CEO of Silverstar Holdings
added, “The FlatOut series has been a global success story for Empire and we are
delighted that Ultimate Carnage will now be made available to PC gamers. With
over 2 million sales globally the FlatOut franchise is an important part of the
Empire portfolio and we are sure that FlatOut Ultimate Carnage for PC will only
add to the ongoing success and bring new fans to the title.”

Jussi Laakkonen, Business Development Director of
Bugbear Entertainment noted, “Since announcing the Xbox 360 release we’ve
witnessed fanatical anticipation and demand for FlatOut Ultimate Carnage on PC.
It gives us great pleasure to be finally providing what FlatOut fans have long
been clamoring for!”

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage for PC launches globally
in June 2008.

The next installment in the franchise, FlatOut
Head On for the Sony PSP, is due for release on 14th March 2008.