Eidos Announces Pocket Pool

March 7, 2007

Announces Pocket Pool

Grab Your Stick and Prepare to Play the
Steamiest Billiards Game to hit the PSP

Eidos Interactive Ltd., one of the world’s
leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today confirms that
it will distribute the steamy billiards simulation game, Pocket Pool, in North
America exclusively on the PSP. Pocket Pool is scheduled to hit retailers in
North America on April 18, 2007.

Pocket Pool is set to turn up the heat with a
realistic billiards simulator alongside some serious eye candy. Featuring 13
different types of billiard games ranging from staples such as 8-ball and
9-ball, to pool hall classics like Black Jack, Rotation, and Snooker. No matter
where your talent lies, Pocket Pool has something to keep every gamer from
shooting blanks.

“Pocket Pool is a game that can stand alone as a
realistic billiard simulator, however sprinkle in some sex appeal and now you
have a true gaming treat,” said Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing,
Robert Lindsey, Eidos, Inc.

Sirus Ahmadi, president of Conspiracy
Entertainment, said, “We are very excited to benefit from Eidos’ established
distribution network and expertise in launching the hottest new video games.
Together, our companies are well-positioned to capitalize on the rapidly-growing
video gaming audience throughout North America.”

Advanced AI and real world physics make Pocket
Pool the most realistic simulator on the market. But the realism doesn’t stop
there, thanks to a group of voluptuous vixens known as the Dream Models. A
player’s success in the pool halls will be rewarded by un-lockable videos and
picture galleries sizzling with enough steam to fog up the screen on any PSP®
system – giving the words ‘rack ‘em up’ a whole new meaning.

“The PlayStation Portable is a great handheld
platform for mature audiences,” said Marketing Manager, Kevin Gill, Eidos, Inc.
“Pocket Pool is a game designed to tap into the desires of a dominant male
audience, providing players with a fun and sexy gameplay experience.”