EG.Justin Wong becomes first American to win a Super Battle Opera title

Tougeki, or Super Battle Opera, Japan's premier fighting game tournament wrapped up yesterday, with exciting results for the US – for the first time in Tougeki history, an American has won the gold in one of the featured games.

Justin Wong

Justin Wong, a name any fighting game enthusiast will recognize came through the fire and flames of the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 bracket to take gold. The community at large has taken to Twitter and blown it up, with #USAJWONG trending for at least a few hours in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Justin's win came after comments from him stating that he would never attend Super Battle Opera again, due to technical problems with the tournament. If you're going to go out, at least he went out with a bang! Congrats to JWong – the Wong Factor still burns after all this time, it seems.

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