Edmund McMillen’s Basement Collection dated

Team Meat's Edmund McMillen has announced that The Basement Collection, an upcoming compilation of his past hits, will land on Steam on August 31.

The Basement Collection features classics such as Aether, Time Fcuk, Spewer, Grey Matter, Triachnid, Coil, and the original Meat Boy. As if that wasn't enough indie gaming awesomeness, the collection will also include two secret games.

McMillen previously revealed that all games in The Basement Collection would feature achievements, as well as some neat extras and control refinements for a few titles. Additionally, some never-before-seen footage cut from Indie Game: The Movie is also being put into this bag of video game bliss.

Watch out for The Basement Collection at the end of the month. It'll be available to both PC and Mac users, and it'll run ya a mere $4. Yay for low prices on awesome things!


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