Earth Defense Force 2025 arrives February 2014, will feature DLC from Japan

Earth Defense Force 2025, the sequel to developer Sandlot's third-person shooter Earth Defense Force 2017, is releasing for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in February 2014.

Product manager Kaori Takasue confirmed that the downloadable content available in Japan, where the game released in July, will come to North America and Europe.

"We’ll make sure all content from Japan makes it over here at some point, and we’ll have more details on all of that in the near future," said Takasue.

Earth Defense Force 2025 features over 700 weapons and four-player online multiplayer.

Preorders start at GameStop tomorrow and come with the Air Raider Weapons Pack for free. Others — the Fencer, Wing Diver, and  Ranger weapons packs — will be available later as either DLC or preorder incentives.

Source: PlayStation Blog