Early Copy of Modern Warfare 3 Sells for $1,725 on Ebay

Are you itching to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 early?  If you weren't one of the lucky few that managed to snag a copy from K-mart, there's still a way: Ebay.  Just be prepared to spend quite a bit.

One of the latest auctions on Ebay for a early copy of Modern Warfare 3 ended with a winning bid of $1,725.  That's quite a price for a game you might not be able to even play early, at least without risking your Xbox LIVE account.  But I assume if you're crazy enough to spend that much on a game coming out in a few days, you're not worried about a potential Xbox ban.  According to the bid history, there were 88 bids on the game. 

I'm not necessarly as shocked with the final winning bid price as I am that the seller still felt the need to charge an extra $4 for USPS Priority Mail shipping.  Must be the tough economy. 

Don't worry, there are still other copies of Modern Warfare 3 floating around on the online auction house.  As of right now there is one bid that still has 2 days left.  The current Buy It Now price is set at $1,000, or best offer.  How much are you willing to pay to receive the game a couple of days early?