EA to Reveal Epic Spore RPG at San Diego Comic-Con

When one thinks of Spore, one does not think RPG…and yet it’s about to happen. Somewhere in between the glitz of the Hollywood movie stars and comic industry veterans, the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con will play host to the brand-new reveal of Electronic Art’s Spore Sci-Fi Action-RPG game on July 24. Below is straight Comic-Con schedule

6:00-7:00 Video Game Reveal: Maxis Studio— Maxis Studio (The Sims and Spore video games) has just announced their next project, a brand new, Sci-Fi Action-RPG based on the DNA of Spore. Join key leads from the dev team, Thomas Vu, Paul Sottosanti and Lauren McHugh, for the first game reveal to the public! Room 3

According to rumors circulating around the internet, the game will be titled ‘Darkspore’ and will revolve around the idea of an evil alien race that wants to take over the galaxy.

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