EA SPORTS Backtrack and Virtual Training Center Featured in Madden NFL 09

June 3, 2008

EA SPORTS Backtrack and Virtual
Training Center Featured in Madden NFL 09

EA SPORTS BackTrack and the
Virtual Training Center Play Key Role in the First Sports Game That Adapts to

Within the 85 plus new features and
enhancements in Madden NFL 09, EA SPORTS BackTrack and the Virtual Training
Center allow the gamer to have a unique gameplay experience each time they load
up the game. Both Madden NFL veterans and casual gamers new to the franchise can
utilize these two features to be competitive in Madden NFL 09 and also improve
their overall football knowledge, regardless of their initial skill level.

The Virtual Training Center is a new
interactive tutorial mode, set in a holographic environment that aims at
teaching gamers fundamental concepts about football strategy and how to use the
controls in quick, fun and stylized drills. After players complete these drills,
a Madden IQ score is given, and their “My Skills” difficulty settings are
automatically set based on their strengths and weaknesses. Throughout their
Madden NFL career, the all-new Adaptive Difficulty Engine will continually
tailor the difficulty settings as the gamers’ Madden IQ score evolves.

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EA SPORTS BackTrack is a new replay
learning tool imbedded within the game that dissects plays and shows the player
what they should have done in certain circumstances. When a mistake is made,
Cris Collinsworth will breakdown where the user went wrong and what they could
have done better. For advanced players, EA SPORTS BackTrack will give more
technical information such as the play calls that were made and the success
rates of the play.

Madden NFL 09 marks the 20th
anniversary of one of the best-selling and most critically-acclaimed videogame
franchises of all time, and the game will feature adaptable gameplay tailored to
every type of gamer, online enhancements and a broadcast style presentation
delivering an authentic NFL experience. Madden NFL 09 will be available in
stores across North America on August 12.

The graphical enhancements of Madden
NFL 09 are extremely impressive and bring the emotion of NFL football to life.
Madden NFL 09 features amazing detail to stadiums, weather effects, player
models and a whole host of other elements.

Madden NFL 09 will be available for
the Xbox and Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and PLAYSTATION 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP
and is rated E by the ESRB.

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