EAs Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is Available at Retail Now

November 14, 2007

EA’s Medal
of Honor Heroes 2 is Available at Retail Now

Offering 32-person Online Multiplayer and
Support for the Wii Zapper

Take WWII action into your hands! Electronic Arts
Inc. today announced that Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is available at retailers
nationwide for the Wii and the PSP. Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for the PSP will be
available in Europe on November 23 and in the following months for the Wii.
Designed completely from the ground up for the Wii and the PSP, Medal of Honor
Heroes 2 features 32-person online play for the Wii and PSP, support of the Wii
Zapper, and a unique Arcade Mode that simplifies gameplay for players of all
skill levels and plays like an old-school rail shooter.

“We’re excited to get Medal of Honor Heroes 2
into players’ hands and hope to see them online!” said Peter Choi, Group
Producer at EA Canada. “We wanted to deliver the most full-featured FPS
experience to date on both the PSP and the Wii while also customizing the
experience for each specific platform. With intuitive controls, rich single
player campaigns and huge 32-player multiplayer battles, we feel we’ve raised
the bar for shooters on these platforms and can’t wait for people to play the

It is June 6th, 1944 and you step into the boots
of OSS Operative John Berg and infiltrate Normandy from behind enemy lines to
undermine the Nazi regime. On both the Wii and PSP systems, players will choose
to tackle missions in an all-new single player campaign or engage in massive,
epic online multiplayer battles where they can jump into the battle at any time
against anyone. On the PSP, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 will deliver the most
comprehensive shooter experience to date, with a robust single player campaign
and on-the-go 32-player multiplayer capability that allows you to battle it out,
anytime and anywhere.

Developed at EA Canada, Medal of Honor Heroes 2
is rated Teen by the ESRB, 18+ by the USK, and 16+ by PEGI. The game has a MSRP
$49.99 for Wii and $39.99 for PSP in North America. For more information, please
visit the game’s official website at